Sound Design

The Auditory Service aims to create immersive and unique sound design for any project.
With 10+ years of experience in a diverse range of media productions The Auditory Service is an established name.
Whether it's linear or non-linear, inside or on location, any challenge is accepted to tell your story.
If sound is important to you - The Auditory Service is interested.

Sound Design for Film and Documentaries

Sound Design for VR, theatre and animation


The Auditory Service creates electronic music for projects and personal endavours.
With a sound that is modern but influenced by a broad range of styles, it fits many contexts.
Inspired by science fiction, the sound of nature and algoritmical methods.

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Voice Recording

'The voice is one of my most favorite instruments',
Whether it's recording sound on set or capturing character voices in a booth.
The Auditory Service enjoys directing and recording the perfect performance for any production.
It's also possible to technically revive old, or badly recorded, sounds in the studio.

Sound Effects

The Auditory Service doesn't just rely on a huge commercial and personal database of SFX.
Together with Max Frick we create them ourselves for projects and for others.
For multiple film we have been commisioned to recorded vehicles (sailboat, cars, trams, etc.)
Frick & Traa Sound Libraries is the fruit of this collaboration.
Our first library 'City Bicycles', 'China City Ambiences' and 'Ski Slopes' is available in the webshop.

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'sound is a force of gravity
in our imaginary worlds'

As a sound designer and composer with a strong conceptual design method,
Arnoud likes to participate in projects from the earliest stage, to help create the sonic narrative.
To him sound is an actor, whether it's heard on a stage, in a street or a virtual space.
Besides desiging sound Arnoud also enjoys teaching art and Music Technology students about sounds powers.

'to give meaning to things through sound'

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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